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Small Space Grants

Nicola Ford

Critical Path offers small space grants to artists where The Drill Hall might be available for short periods of time.


Nicola Ford is a regionally based artist who will be spending 5 days in The Drill in December developing her choreographic work;

“My goal is to explore whether the paradox of the once preconceived societal expectations of birthdays has a detrimental effect on the psyche of the adult community. Is it the expectations that we place on Birthdays, that cause us to lose the magic of ageing as we leave our adolescence behind? Where do we find connectivity with others in a day that can feel so isolating?”

“Being able to duplicate myself through technology to create a sense of fullness in what might be a very empty space adds to the concept of feeling alone when growing up, only having ourselves and our own experiences to bring with us as we age.”

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Critical Path

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