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Amy Zhang

Critical Path offers small space grants to artists in need where The Drill Hall might be available for short periods of time.


Amy Zhang was a recipient of a 5-day space grant at The Drill Hall in September.

Amy is a movement artist currently focused on unpacking intrinsically learnt Chinese values and knowledge passed down from her upbringing and how to cross-culturally exchange this knowledge with others through movement. The Critical Path Space Grant Residency gave Amy time to think, dance and embody with street dancer, Jackson Garcia, to develop movement language and processes that explore questions such as: What does passing on cultural knowledge look like? Can cultural knowledge be passed on through bodies to which it didn’t come from?

The learnings from this research will be circled back to Amy’s project, Cool Asian Mum’s Guide-to-Life, a dance work that explores the life lessons and old Chinese wives’ tales compulsively passed down to Amy by her migrant mother. It was born out of Amy having to move back to Queensland and into her mum’s house due to the impacts of Covid-19.

Image credit: Amy Zhang. 


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