Juliet Saito

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Small Space Grants

Juliet Saito

Critical Path offers small space grants to artists in need where The Drill Hall might be available for short periods of time.


Juliet Saito was a recipient of a 3 day Small Space Grant in May.

“The past cannot be seen as the future also cannot. Each reaches towards us and we reach towards them, but in the present each is simply a dream. I am trying to soften these reaches and allow each moment to arrive and depart as it was always going to.
Allowing myself to find a place in time as it comes. Knowing that I reach towards my past perhaps as nostalgia and the past reaches towards the present.
I am trying to dance in the present across time. Acknowledging that all components have their own place and time of arrival. Maybe time is happening all at once. Maybe it’s not happening at all. Trying to know these things whilst also trying to know that the human experience of time is wonderful and valid.”

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