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Small Space Grants

Reina Takeuchi, Amy Zhang, William (Billy) Keohavong and Jeremy Santos

Critical Path offers small space grants to artists in need where The Drill Hall might be available for short periods of time.


Reina Takeuchi, Amy Zhang, William (Billy) Keohavong and Jeremy Santos was a recipient of a 5-day space grant at The Drill Hall in September.

Amy Zhang, William (Billy) Keohavong, Jeremy Santos and Reina Takeuchi are dance makers currently exploring parallels and intersections of their individual, collective and nuanced experiences as Asian diaspora.  The Critical Path Space Grant Residency allowed them to develop their movement language, decolonise processes and continue to carve out the types of stories they would like to tell. By sharing choreographic tasks, conversation, food and time, they explored dualities between lived experiences, ancestry and the present day, transformation, code switching, moving mountains and the potentiality of beginnings. They are excited to present parts of their work Holding Lightness as a part of LIVE DREAMS: ISLAND in October.

Image credit: Reina Takeuchi.


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