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Niv Rajendra

Critical Path offers small space grants to artists in need where The Drill Hall might be available for short periods of time.


Niv Rajendra was a recipient of a 5-day space grant at The Drill Hall in February.

Niv is a spiritual and ecological artist working across mediums like video, performance, education and sound. She is currently thinking about the intersections of self-awareness, traditional wisdom, environmental care and collective resilience as modes to help heal the land (and all that it holds).

The Farthest You’ll Ever Travel Is From Your Mind To Your Heart – 

Each day of the residency was framed by a single word; as Niv revisited the values she finds integral to a meaningful social practice. Care, courage, self-will, humility, and compassion provide the constraints and the Drill a site-specific lens: informing and grounding her embodied research. On the final day Niv invited local artists to join me her to collectively unearth compassionate ways of moving and being together.

This work hopes to queer Niv’s daily practices of resistance, and how they might show up within her art making.

Read Niv’s reflection of her time at The Drill, and view photo and video documentation.

Image credit: Niv Rajendra


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