Space Residency


During a week-long research residency at Critical Path, Matthew will excavate the existing catalogue of choreographic scores, rehearsal notes, and archival records of Figures for Landscapes.

Figures for Landscapes is an ongoing choreographic project which re-formats itself with variable dimensions in relation to its environment. It was first performed in the rose gardens of Vondel Park, Amsterdam (2018) as a three-hour performance with seven dancers, and later in the OudeKerk, Amsterdam (2019) as a one-hour performance for three dancers. Most recently the work has been performed as F4L, a 20-minute solo presented at Frascati theatre Amsterdam.

While in residence at Critical Path Matthew will interrogate what is at stake when a performance work is continually adapting itself to its context and environment. What is the actual material of the work when it’s format continually reconfigures itself? How is it transmitted from one site to another, from one dancer to another? How does it reach and make contact with different publics? And how might such approached to choreographic presentation problematize the increasingly precarious Labour conditions of the art market?

Image credits: Figures For Landscapes, Rosarium, 2018 (performer Tamir Eting) & Figures for Landscapes Choreopgraphic Diagram

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