Space Residency

A development of Hannah’s personal research project, A Rational Intuition, applying the systematic principles present in Jean Spencer’s constructivist artwork to a method of her own physical theatre composition. Jean Spencer was an artist working in the late constructivist period in the UK (1960-1990); she focused on mathematical inquiry into space and shape to create constructivist white reliefs and colour works. Hannah is interested in the interdisciplinary dialogue between visual, constructivist art and choreographic composition, seeing similarity in the principles used to create both genres of work: time, space, rhythm, relief, sequence, repetition and series.

Hannah will be applying a practice-as-research methodology, using the process of creation of work to further her research into its theoretical underpinnings.

Hannah trained at the Duende School of Ensemble Physical Theatre in Athens, almost immediately after graduating with an MA in Physical Acting from the University of Kent in 2016. Prior to this, she undertook a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (Swansea Metropolitan University) and a BA in Drama and Theatre Studies (University of Kent and University of California, San Diego). Here, she followed a physical theatre pathway, focusing on movement-based expressions of theatre and a crossover into visual arts practices.

In partnership with the University of Sydney.

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Critical Path

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