Melbourne-based performance artist Shian Law will engage with artists and non-artists to share his creative process around developing inter-subjectivities through performance. In this process, he draws heavily from movement therapy, somatic practices and choreographic strategies to produce an inclusive environment. Participants will work individually and collectively, physically and dialogically, to explore how spectatorship and authorship construct performance.

Shian’s practice focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration, hybrid form performance and working with mixed group performers who are both trained and untrained. The workshop suits all level of physical abilities and artists of diverse disciplinary background.

There will be a gentle warm-up, tactile manipulations, moving, writing, speaking, observing, games and discussions to question our aesthetic values, power relations in performance making, and to produce undetermined choreographic forms.

This workshop is open to artists and non performers are welcome.

Submit your EOIs by Thursday 15 September 

Shian Law is a Melbourne-based performance artist who aligns himself with experimentalism, new dance practice and interdisciplinary collaboration. He has worked with Jo Lloyd, Thea Baumann (Aphids), Phillip Adams’ Balletlab, Brooke Stamp and Deanne Butterworth.

He has received the Melbourne Fringe Best Dance Award for Proximate Edifice and the Award for Innovation in Dance and Best New Work Dance Australia for Body Obscure Object. He was also a recipient of JUMP Mentoring in 2012, a Lucy Guerin Inc residency, Performance Space Residency and Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Arts residency.


Photo credit: Christine Francis



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