During the Critical Path residency, Técha Noble will be experimenting with extending the body via costume prosthesis, puppetry and anthropomorphic figurations and transforming these physical extensions to see how they can be engendered with sound. She will be working with dancers Caroline Garcia and Rachel Melky to create composite body images and animist like creatures that play between that which gives human shape or that which gives shape to human form. Técha comes from a long history of drag with the Kingpins and drag offers a way to extend the ontology of the body by asking is the sound producing the movement or is the movement producing the sound. The three weeks’ immersive will allow some of these ideas to grow in relation to each other.

Técha Noble works between art, performance, design and costume as ways to extend, enhance, deconstruct and experiment through the body. She is a founding member of The Kingpins since 2000.

Técha Noble, Walmart, 2013.


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Critical Path

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