UNSW Residency

Critical Path and the CPL work in partnership to provide dance research residencies in the Io Myers Studio at UNSW. The CPL supports research and analysis in performance and cross-media practice in SAM and the residencies provide invaluable opportunities for academic staff and students enrolled in dance studies programs to engage with the creative practice of the artists. This year the CPL will support the work of Jane McKernan.

Jane will be spending three weeks working in collaboration with Brian Fuata, Carlee Mellow, Elizabeth Ryan and Lizzie Thomson on the concept of unison. The project will explore methodologies for how unison performance might happen, but will bypass the conventional methods of visual learning, mirrors and rehearsal. Instead it will aim to create a group body/ group thinking whereby individuals can arrive at the same material at the same time.

Sydney-based Jane McKernan worked collaboratively for ten years as part of The Fondue Set and is currently an independent choreographer, curator and performer. She was recipient of the 2010 Robert Helpmann Biennial Scholarship for choreographic excellence.

Opening and Closing Ceremony. Photo: Heidrun Löhr

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