WORKSHOP: Contextual Choreography

Finish choreographer Simo Kellokumpu will held a two day Contextual Choreography workshop focuses on the relations between a context and a choreography through the lens of movement.

Movement with its manifold definitions, multisensory perception and experience forms the starting points for choreographic thinking and art. Taking a look at to the movements that form the surrounding circumstances and choreographies which the human body is part of – the relations between the movement, place and space, and their various materialities. Participants will process and discuss these relations through their own artistic practice and various methodologies.

In the workshop a choreographer is thought of as a person who does not master the movement(s) but couples him/herself into the surrounding movement-world and articulates this porous corporeal process. The aim of the workshop is to share various choreographic methodologies through discussing and presenting artistic experiments done during the workshop.

Open to artists and art-practitioners from all fields of art.

Limited to 8 people.  Participants must be able to attend the full weekend.

Please send your Expression of interest (EOI) to [email protected]

Deadline: Thur 7 July

Critical Path and the Creative Practice Lab School of Arts and Media, UNSW present CHOREOGRAPHIC RESEARCH HUB,  a program of research activity and professional development happening in July at the Drill Hall and UNSW.

Simo Kellokumpu graduated from Theatre Academy of Finland’s MA programme in Choreography in 2003 and he is based in Helsinki. He is interested in thinking about contemporary choreography as an artistic practice where choreographic proposals are intended to be realized and contextualized through the articulation, shifting, moving and opening of temporal, spatial, social and material circumstance. In autumn 2013 he began post-graduate studies in The Performing Arts Research Centre in Theatre Academy of Finland.

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