Another opportunity to study and work with Vangelis Legakis on his philosophy and practice Embodied Unity – an integration of Dance Styles, Chi Gong and energy work.

Vangelis Legakis will offer his approach in Contact Improvisation what is to dance Contact Beyond Contact. The tactile sense will be stimulated with energy work from Chi Gong and breathing practice so as to create a deeper and more profound connections.

We will use and integrate simple breathing exercises to embody movement, enhance consciousness and in turn broaden perspective and possibilities whilst dancing in solo, duets and group. Vangelis will teach practices such us lifting, weight distribution, free falling, floor-work, balancing and counter-balancing as well as the philosophies from Flying Low and Passing Through.

The focus and the blending of all these techniques and principles will be to firstly create a super-enhanced sense of contact (going beyond mere physical contact to connect with the metaphysical aspects of the self) as well as to create a group Contact Improvisation Network in which all participants will become one coherent entity transcending space and time.

The workshop is open to all from different backgrounds.

More information you can contact:
[email protected]

About Vangelis:

Vangelis Legakis is an international dance artist who has been integrating diverse dance styles and methodologies to enhance the interconnectedness of the body and mind. He studied at Laban Centre (London, UK) with BA in Dance theatre and MA in Choreography and holds a Masters in Buddhist Studies from Hong Kong University.

Sat 8&9 December 2018
Arrive at 9:00am for starting at 9:30am

Morning session
9:30 – 12:30

Afternoon session
14:00 – 17:00

Early Bird: $150 if paid in full by October 30th 2018
Late Duck: $180

Anyone who enjoys learning through their body, anyone who has an open mind and heart to experience transformation
Professional & Non-Professional Dancers, Yoga practitioners, Chi Gong practitioners, Zenthai Shiatsu and other healing practitioners, and meditators may particularly enjoy this work

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