WORKSHOP Material Movements: Starting in the Middle

This movement research workshop will experiment with how everyday movements, such as walking, sitting, and standing may be deformed and turned towards dancing through attending to choreographic problems and scores. We will move, and attend to each other’s movement, and through these encounters construct a series of attention techniques and material procedures. Composition is conceived as the interplay of external and internal forces – we propose that improvisation is always composition, and seek to implode the edges and surfaces of dance and choreography into each other, inhabiting always the middle zones.

Open to anyone who is interested in problems of dance, choreography, improvisation, composition, performance, observation, presentation all body types, genders, ages and experience levels are welcome. Please wear comfortable street clothes, sneakers or boots are better than socks or bare feet for this workshop.

To attend the workshop, please RSVP to [email protected] with a short bio.

Matthew Day’s research is part of Housemate 2016 Residency with Dancehouse, Melbourne. A partnership between Critical Path and Dancehouse.
image credit: Nellie de Boer

Matthew Day (1979) is interested in the potential of choreography to negotiate unorthodox relationships and propose new ways of being human. He often works with duration and repetition. Raised in Sydney, Day was a teenage ballroom dancing champion. He studied Dance and Performance Studies in Sydney and Melbourne (2003-2005), in 2016 he completed a Masters of Choreography at the DAS Graduate School in Amsterdam.

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