Meet our artists through their playlists. 

We were curious what our resident artists move to – what tunes they put on to warm up, which tunes are relevant to their work, which help them wind down. 

This playlist is by Diane Busuttil, one of our 2023 RESEARCH ROOM residents who is consolidating and archiving her expertise as the founder and key facilitator of Creative Caring, a movement-based organization that offers dance programs for seniors (50+) that increase physical and mental health through inclusive social engagement and creative exploration. 

“I’ve chosen the music that I listen to when dancing and/or beginning a creation. The music I play and share through the projects I do with Creative Caring caters to the needs and generation of the people I work with, so they are mostly “golden oldies” from the 50s and 60s. As much as I love most of this music, I choose to listen to other music in my own time. Most of the list here are from my vinyl collection, which is my favourite way to listen and dance to music.”

TRACK #1: I got you under my skin – Neneh Cherry
I love the message. I love the rhythm. I love the power of this highly political track. Back in the day, I commissioned Jane Beckett who was one of my teachers at Bodenweiser to choreograph my audition piece for the University of Western Sydney’s Dance BA course. I selected this track by Neneh and was successful in the audition. The choreography was complicated and intricate. Jane was totally into popping and locking way before her time. Many intricate and isolated body parts were needed to link to each other in intimate rhythmical ways.

TRACK #2: Blue Monday – New Order
This track the extended mix always gets me into repetitive dance vibes.

TRACK #3: Personal Jesus – Jonny Cash
Floor work floor work slide, roll, fall, release!

TRACK #4: Feeling Good – Nina Simone
More floor work

TRACK #5: Yimenda-Papaguneray (Turtle Song) Emily Wurramara
Light up beat vibes from a voice that I often listen to. I use a few of her tracks when I’m teaching and find her voice very uplifting.

TRACK #6: A Tooth for an Eye The Knife
This track gets me on the dance floor… rolling and shaking.

TRACK #7: The World and the Sun  – Moon Duo
As does this one. I really love letting loose to this and using the clear beat of the track as a tool for repetition. I often try things out in a repetition mode before sliding into other choreographic patterns. Repetition is a moving meditation for me. Listening to Moon Duo is like a caffeine shot… they always get me going.

TRACK #8: Djarimirri – Gurrumul
Gurrumul his music and voice always soothe me so I play this when I want to think, rest, be grounded etc.

TRACK #9: Demons – Alison Russell
I like the smooth rolling nature of this track. I’ve only recently discovered her.

TRACK #10: Outside – George Michael
This song alway makes me happy for so many reasons. Firstly I love George Michael, the person and his music. This song is a giant middle finger to the authorities that caught him in the toilet block. He’s written this song to empower himself and proclaim a no fear status of his situation. I like that. This may seem off track but artist Ai Weiwei does the same thing with his art – directly subverting what authorities accuse him of and creating powerful artworks from it. These are the artists I admire most.


IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Darinka Marun

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