Meet our artists through their playlists. 

We were curious what our resident artists move to – what tunes they put on to warm up, which tunes are relevant to their work, which help them wind down. 

This playlist is by Lisa Crowe, one of our 2023 RESEARCH ROOM residents who is delving into the trajectory of Jamaican dancehall culture; in particular the contributions of women within this culture and their influence on the NSW dancehall scene. By examining Jamaican women’s roles in dancehall, her research explores their approach to body autonomy and freedom of expression, and aims to offer insights into the significant role women play in shaping and reshaping dancehall within NSW.



TRACK #1: Cool As The Breeze/Friday – Chronixx
I love the imagery Chronixx uses in his lyrics to describe the sights, sounds and Summer warmth of Jamaica. I’m also pretty sure I watched this video on loop for many days after first seeing it.

TRACK #4: My Life – J Capri
J Capri is always a go to for female dancehall expression and I feel like My Life is a frank and honest account of wants, expectations and red flags.

TRACK #6: Love I Got For You – Shenseea
An earlier Shenseea track. A song that can stay on repeat with ease, and also a perfect pace for drilling and exploration practice.

TRACK #7: World Cup – Popcaan
Another nostalgic choice. World Cup, like Yaadie Fiesta was a song I first heard on a trip to Jamaica. Even after learning many-a dancehall move to it, and (willingly) hearing it many times in transit with my fellow dance peers – it’s still a banger that will get me out of my seat.

TRACK #8: Grandmaster – Govana
Govana’s tone and the song’s instrumentation is so epic. This one motivates me to practice the hectic new school dancehall footwork.

TRACK #9: Bubble It – Spice
Bubble It is another of those songs that makes it difficult to sit still while listening! And whether through music, fashion, or other endeavours, Spice is unapologetic and ever expressive in nature which in turn, (in my opinion), invites you to do the same.

TRACK #10: Money Mix Riddim – Good Good Productions
Riddims are a significant part of dancehall culture and this particular riddim had some epic artists on it – which is why I couldn’t choose! It’s also part of my playlist because, the opportunity to witness some of the creators of dancehall dance representing to Fresh Cash and Poco Man Skank (songs on the Money Mix Riddim) at a Jamaican party setting like Uptown Monday, was an epic dance moment for me.



IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Alex Fenna

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