This month’s playlist is compiled by Lux Eterna, one of our 2023 RESEARCH ROOM residents who is spending three weeks in the research room to resolve her multi-channel dance video work The 8th Day filmed in April 2023 out in Lake Mungo.

Time and space of this residency enables Lux to test various projection assemblies, revisit footage used and unused to compile auto-ethnographic reflections and research notes on the pro-social nature in which dance, embodied co-emergence, and land based spiritual cosmologies may be considered new-worlding for the post-human. 

About the playlist:

“The call of the void is presently strong and provides me with the requisite solace for letting something(s) die. The only way is through and the hardest task is simply getting out of one’s own way. These songs have been plotted at a time in my life of much significant change, upheaval, loss, grief, rage and the spoiling of bloodlines regarding the atrocities being committed against the Palestinians and of my parent’s homeland in the Levant. This is a good playlist for those with good speakers and/or a hi-fi sound system: turn it up, lay on the floor and let the bass hold you.”


TRACK #1: Moderat  Annihilation (2018) OST (ending scene)

TRACK #2: Murcof  Oort

TRACK #3: Emel  Helm (Dream)

TRACK #4: Fairouz  Atinee-n-Naya

TRACK #5: Samuel Barber  Agnus Dei

TRACK #6: Carmen Daye & Stephen Julian Baker  For Whom the Bell Tolls (2011) Donnie Darko OST

TRACK #7: Mozart  Lacrimosa, 500% slower

TRACK #8: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds  Distant Sky 

TRACK #9: Andrea Casarrubios  Seven

TRACK #10: Prokofiev  Dance of the Knights in Romeo and Juliet

TRACK #11: Comes  Beckoning Breeze

TRACK #12: Lucrecia Dalt  Esotro

TRACK #13: Stuart A. Staples  The Fuck Box (2018) High Life OST

TRACK #14: Jiony  My Love for You

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