Research Residencies


As part of the 2024 Critical Path Responsive Residency Program, Keila is working on a research project “Choreography for Two Bodies One Mind” which investigates forms of choreography through the artform of puppetry. With choreographer Cloé Fournier and puppetry director Alice Osborne, she will explore how puppetry of direct manipulation can help dancers discover and access new shapes in their bodies, and how the imprint of the puppeteer-puppet relationship can ultimately be carried on into a choreography.

“I am interested in finding those shapes that we would not make if there wasn’t a puppet asking us to give life to it. And I’d like to discover the ways to carry the imprint of this sensation into a choreographic sequence. Using gravity, focus and breathing as principal elements, I hope to connect both worlds: puppetry and dance.”




Keila Terencio is a performance artist born and raised in Brazil. Her artistic practice intertwines physical theatre and visual arts, delving into the subjects of culture, languages, and diversity through the mediums of aerial dance, puppetry, and movement. Keila’s creations are multi-dimensional, incorporating objects, installations, and audience engagement.

Her works have been programmed for a number of festivals and events across Australia and abroad.

Recently she has performed as puppeteer at Belvoir Street Theatre for their production “The Weekend”; and for the last 2 years she has been working with Erth Visual & Physical for their national and international tours; as well as being involved in creative projects with the Sydney Opera House’s Centre for Creativity, and Strings Attached Physical Theatre. She also works as an arts facilitator for a number of arts organisations running and supporting workshops for outreach programs.




Development sharing/Workshop with Keila Terencio: Wed 17 April 6 to 8pm

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