Victoria Hunt, Keila Terencio, Paul Walker have been selected as our 2024 Responsive Residents.

VICTORIA HUNT (March, 2024)

Victoria Hunt will use the residency to consider “how I am able to grow my capacities to hold space for others”. “How do we feel our connection to the world in our bodies. The flight of the rainbow lorikeet makes the lorikeet fly within us; the flow of waters makes the waters flow within us. The steadiness of the mountain steadies us. The lament of the songbird becomes our lament. All this finds resonance within us through polymorphic transfigurations. How do we embody the urgent grief cry of the world?” Victoria’s residency will include a period of solo practice, a period of collaboration with Rosie Te Rauawhea Belvie and James Brown, and a day-long community engagement that might take the form of a workshop and a gathering where participants could share and exchange the experience. Towards the end of the residency, Victoria and Rosie and James might present a work-in-process to artists and invited community for feedback and input.

More info + workshop and public sharing

KEILA TERENCIO (April, 2024)

Keila Terencio will work on the research project: “Choreography for Two Bodies One Mind” which aims to investigate forms of choreography through the artform of puppetry. The proposed outcome will be to research, develop and explore new approaches to puppetry movement that allows for the fusion of two bodies (puppeteer and puppet), allowing for the concept of ‘two bodies one mind’ to emerge. During the research Keila will team up with Alice Osborne and Cloé Fournier aiming to reconceive the artform of puppetry within a contemporary choreographic and performance framework. In the final week of her Drill Hall residency (in April 2024), Keila will offer a sharing development session.

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PAUL WALKER (July-October, 2024)

Paul Walker will simultaneously research a new idea and develop their practice, which will ultimately lead to the start of a new creative project, ‘The Art of Slowing Down to Save Our Lives’ (Working Title). Paul is considering the act of slowing down and resting as a practice to bring the planet into healthier relationships of care, as well as a political act of resistance, a soft subversion of capitalism. Paul will collaborate with Geraldine Balcazar, Merinda Davies, Kaz Therese, and Andrew Batt-Rawden. Part of this residency will take place on Bundjalung country with four days in the Border Ranges National Park in Githabul Country. Part of it will take place over zoom. And five days will be spent in the Drill Hall, Sydney.






Image #1: Keila Terencio by Jon Wright
Images #2: Paul Walker by Valentina Penkova
Image #3: Grief_Cry by Victoria Hunt

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