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Susurrus is a new trans-disciplinary project and performance exploring the intangible whisper, rustle or murmur.

The work draws a parallel between a human midlife crisis and the current environmental crisis, linking the personal to the global. Susurrus is driven by rustles and murmurs of the bay, of wind against bodies, as well as the undertone of the Earth’s core. The work brings together contemporary dance, original spoken text and immersive performance design to embrace audiences in this alternately humorous, moving and provocative journey.

As part of the creative process, the ‘Susurrus’ team are collaborating with the Aerocene Foundation, an artistic/scientific community initiated by visual artist, Tomás Saraceno. The core of the foundation is the Aerocene Explorer, a light-weight solar-powered sculpture that it is inflated by the air, lifted only by the sun and carried by the wind. Aerocene makes visible the invisible materials surrounding us, which has inspired Susurrus’ creative process.

The Susurrus project was initiated by independent choreographer/dancers, Renae Shadler (AUS) and Maria Nurmela (FIN) in May 2017, in collaboration with a lighting/set designer, Kalle Ropponen (FIN) and sound artist, Samuel Hertz (US). As an international team from different artistic landscapes in Australia, Finland, Germany and USA the group are committed to creating ecological ways to make and present performance art. ‘Susurrus’ have led events at Palais de Tokyo (FR), Ehkä -productions (FIN) and Hellerau – European Center of the Arts (DE), among others.

Renae Shadler
Maria Nurmela
Kalle Ropponen
Samuel Hertz

Kalle Ropponen’s and Maria Nurmela´s participation is supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland.

Credit:  Image by Sharon Pazner

Date & Location

  • Sunday 31 March, 4pm - Sunday 31 March, 2019 6pm
  • The Drill Hall, Critical Path

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Critical Path

The Drill, 1C New Beach Rd,
Darling Point (Rushcutters Bay), Sydney