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‘Part Of, Within’ WORKSHOP

Inviting you into the creative process of their newest creation, international performance group Susurrus will lead a 2-hour workshop. ‘Part of, within’ is focused on developing environmental awareness through embodiment.

Susurrus is inspired by one of ecopsychology`s pioneers Laura Sewall. Sewall writes that “Particularly in an age of disembodiment and disenchantment, sensing our embeddedness within the biosphere may be practiced with imagination… It produces a notable, sensual experience of being “part of, within”. As fossil fuels intermingle with the oceans and algorithms run our economic markets, where now lies the human? We believe that is vital now to extend this conversation in the performing arts as a way to better understand and care for the greater global ecology.

Together the group will explore somatics, language and immersive design. These different artistic disciplines combine to create an atmosphere where the architecture of the space vibrates with our bodily architecture.

Taking place in the Drill Hall and surrounding Rushcutters Bay, the workshop will include improvised tasks and provocations. As part of this investigation the group will explore the ancient Chinese Qigong meditation of Backwards walking, leaning into our own strength, verticality and the core support of the backbone. This technique can also enable us to slow down as we become more sensitised and cautious of the unknown space behind us.

“Part of, within’ furthers Susurrus’s investigation into sensitivity. We are particularly interested in the ways we negotiate our interrelationships – sensing other human and non-human entities.

The Susurrus project was initiated by independent choreographer/dancers, Renae Shadler (AUS) and Maria Nurmela (FIN) in May 2017, in collaboration with a lighting/set designer, Kalle Ropponen (FIN) and sound artist, Samuel Hertz (US). As an international team from different artistic landscapes in Australia, Finland, Germany and USA the group are committed to creating ecological ways to make and present performance art. ‘Susurrus’ have led events at Palais de Tokyo (FR), Ehkä -productions (FIN) and Hellerau – European Center of the Arts (DE), among others.

Renae Shadler
Maria Nurmela
Kalle Ropponen
Samuel Hertz

Kalle Ropponen´s and Maria Nurmela´s participation is supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland.

Credit: Maria Korkeila, ‘Leaning into the air, whispering the wind’ at Palais De Tokyo 2018

Date & Location

  • Saturday 30 March, 11am - Saturday 30 March, 2019 1pm
  • The Drill Hall, Critical Path

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Critical Path

The Drill, 1C New Beach Rd,
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