The 15th edition of Critical Dialogues – themed: TIME – brings contributions by Kay Armstrong, Nareeporn Vachananda, Rhiannon Newton, el waddingham, Natalie Quan Yau Tso, Laura Osweiler, as well as the transcript of the 2023 March Dance conversation ‘What happens in the pause?’ and a review of Angela Goh’s ‘Axe Arc Echo’.

From essays and academic texts to performance scripts and instructional scores, these works are written by dancers and movement-artists acutely attuned to time from corporeal perspective. They contemplate the relationship between human-time and the geological scale of time that surrounds them, the impact of gravity on one’s perception of time, the relationship between urgency and intergenerational trauma, the way that time (via memory) leaves residues within the body, the dizzying affect of epic regularity, and the value of pause in circumventing habits and accessing new possibilities.

Edited by Ira Ferris
Graphic design by Zoe Baumgartner
Published by Critical Path, March 2024

You can read and download it here.


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