Meet our artists through their playlists.

We were curious what our resident artists move to – what tunes they put on to warm up, which tunes are relevant to their work, which help them wind down. 

This playlist is by Karlia Cook, one of our 2023 RECHARGE Space Grant residents. She is in the Drill Hall in July 2023 researching the cycling relation between people, communities, waters, trees and animals – the totality of existence and connection between every living being. The residency fosters a space of listening and learning as she journeys to connect to her Māori culture and uncover ancestry across seas.

“The development of this work is an important step in my path as an artist and a women, as I ask my ancestors to journey through me with movement and storying.”

Here is Karlia’s playlist: 


TRACK #1: Both Sides of the Moon – Celeste  
I’m obsessed with moons and this song is very beautiful to listen too in the studio in the morning when I’m waking up my body. 

TRACK #2: Yere Faga – Oumou Sangaré (Natureboy Flako Version)
This song gets me into the mahi. So energising so fun.  

TRACK #3: Healer – Sampa The Great (feat. Zaachariaha)
Sampa always bringing the fem energy to fill me up and soften my day.  

TRACK #4: Rainforest – Noname
Noname is always playing in the background while I’m making. She’s my queen.  

TRACK #5: Echoes of Time – Natureboy Flako  
This artist I always play when I want distant rhythmic/ambient sounds in the background. 

TRACK #6: Point and Kill– Little Simz (feat. Obongjayar)
Simz brings the fierce energy into the room and this song is a bop. 

TRACK #7: Five Easy Hot Dogs – Mac Demarco (full album) 
This whole album is just smooth sounds with no lyrics and I need that milkyness in the studio.  

TRACK #8: T2JD – Cavs  
Percussive rhythms bring the energy.   

TRACK #9: A Splendour Only Partially Imagined – Civic Grace
Beautiful calming ambience that makes me feel like I’m underwater 

TRACK #10: Cardigan Song – Kikagaku Moyo  
A sweet morning song that fills the space with sunshine melodies. It feels fitting in this space by the seaside.  



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