Meet our artists through their playlists. 

We were curious what our resident artists move to – what tunes they put on to warm up, which tunes are relevant to their work, which help them wind down. 

This playlist is by Lucy Doherty, one of our 2023 RECHARGE Space Grant residents who is at the Drill in August 2023 developing a choreographic work ‘Afterlife’ inspired by three dresses made and passed down from her late grandmother. Lucy’s work investigates the stories these garments hold and explores ideas and skills that are passed down from generation to generation. An area of focus and interest within her choreographic investigation is the practice of sewing, a skills held both by her grandmother and mother.

“I’m interested in exploring how working with fabric and the practice of sewing might inform movement creation and vice versa.”

‘Afterlife’ is an exploration into grief and connection, and this playlist by Lucy Doherty includes songs she has been working with during the research, development, and creation process so far.  

TRACK #1: AC3 – Phondupe
For setting a sacred space  

TRACK #2: Like a Particle of Dust – Night Gestalt & Klangriket
For waking and opening the body  

TRACK #3: Hibernation Station – Hilyard
For floating  

TRACK #4: Mists Inhabit This Place – Brambles
For integration  

TRACK #5: Spirits – Brambles
For connection to the otherworld  

TRACK #6: Easy – Lionel Ritchie feat. Willie Nelson 
I recently asked my auntie for a song that reminded her of my mum and this is what she sent me 

TRACK #7: I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair – Ella Fitzgerald 
I recently asked my auntie for a song that reminded her of my gran and this is what she sent me 

TRACK #8: Entrance – Boogrov
For processing and honouring  

TRACK #9: When – Subheim 
For breathing in the sweetness of life  

TRACK #10: Holding Space For The Unimaginable – Kira Kira
For, as the title suggests 


IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Lorcan Power 

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