Monday 7 December

Posted by Critical Path

2021 Research Residencies Announced

Critical Path is excited to announce our four recipients of the 2021 Research Residencies with Critical Path – Alice Weber, Amaara Raheem, David Huggins, and Vicki Van Hout & Raghav Handa.

Alice Weber

Research that takes shared digital spaces as the choreographic field. This work addresses the curation as a digital and online choreographic work-space; specifically the creation and embodiment of shared digital spaces.

Alice will use the Research to extend her embodied practice and deepen the existing questions that drive her practice.  Essentially these are questions of desire: how does desire flow through, and overflow, sites of coding or containment? “I work from the perspective that any encounter with the body is charged with desire and this becomes intelligible through specific codes.”

The research also raises questions of spectatorship: how do viewers engage with this practice? What is the specific performative conditions of being watched that makes this practice either compelling and or alienating? Who is it for?

Amaara Raheem – Belonging/s: Sites of Burning and Burial

In a creative / cultural exchange with Preethi Athreya (Chennai) Amaara will research and build a museologically inspired ‘collection’ of gestures from handling objects sourced in each of their family homes.

The research will weave three lines of enquiry:

  1. exploring critical questions of our attachment to the things that define our identity, our sense of place
  2. collecting rituals for burning and burial, calling upon other artists’ practices and South Asian perspectives
  3. documenting how the concept of ‘inheritance’ can build future worlds, particularly post-pandemic

David Huggins & Lauren Eiko

Collaborators David Huggins and Lauren Eiko will investigate the fictions and non-fictions inherent in the ongoing discovery and construction of personal cultural identities, through a choreographic framework. Additional collaborators are ‘teacher’ Akashi-Suma, Ryuchi Fujimura and Eugene Choi.

How do we learn and create with a teacher at a distance; what does this do to our ability to position ourselves in the role of a student? Furthermore, this raises the question of what or who is a teacher and what is a learning experience in this present moment of bodily separation and online saturation.

Vicki Van Hout and Raghav Handa – no man’s land

‘no man’s land’ is not situated between two opposing trenches – it is a space yet to be revealed. Is it a contested territory?

This research aims to visit that which is deemed “too touchy”. Together Vicki and Raghav will revisit past material; ‘Dance like me’ (2010). This research residency is about testing how to reignite the original conversation,  ‘what happens when we utilise our cultural property as the only form of financial currency’, considering it is no longer deemed appropriate to imagine ourselves, outside of ourselves.

More details of each Research project will be added to Critical Path’s website in 2021.