Our Alumni

Responsive Research Program Resident 2006, 2011 and 2019

Julie-Anne Long is an award winning independent dance artist based in Sydney. Since graduating from the Victorian College of Arts in the early 1980s she has performed and choreographed on a wide range of projects with companies such as Human Veins, One Extra, Theatre of Image, Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Bell Shakespeare Company, Open City and Dance Works. From 1991-1996 Julie-Anne was Associate Artistic Director of One Extra Company with Artistic Director Graeme Watson. She has worked in a variety of dance contexts as mentor, dramaturg, curator and producer including Acting Director of dance research organisation Critical Path (2006-2007) and Dance Curator at Campbelltown Arts Centre (2009-2010). Julie-Anne was awarded an Australia Council Dance Fellowship in 2007, which encompassed research, development and the realisation of a body of work entitled The Invisibility Project. Julie-Anne has a PhD from University New South Wales and is currently a Lecturer in Dance and Performance at Macquarie University.

Current work in development

Dance in the City involves two interconnected dance projects (2017-2018):  development and realisation of a three-day public participatory performance event, Project Workspace, Sydney; and development and production of a large-scale video installation, TROUBLE: a place in time. The project engages with an inclusive gathering of artists from the Sydney independent dance sector, supporting a diversity of dance work to make visible the practices of this dance community.


Julie-Anne is starting a new solo series:

“I realise I’m bringing something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue with me: themes of visibility and invisibility (Something In The Way She Moves, 2012); my interest in the small gesture (Leisure Mistress, 2002); a ‘live’ body in a projected world (Boxing Baby Jane, 2004); and an image and/or a costume as my point of departure. I’m also thinking about The Queen, and women in power, and I’m wondering about the discipline of duty. For these early sketches of ‘unentitled’ I start with a dream of a queen in the Australian bush…”

Photo Credits:
Heidrun Lohr ‘Something in the Way She Moves’ (2012)
Heidrun Lohr ‘Val, the Invisible’ (2012)