Our Alumni

Responsive Research Program Resident 2017

Timothy Ohl is a NSW multi disciplinary artist making performance work merging dance, text, voice, live music & visual design. His work takes a personal, magnified, dark comedic stab at topical popular culture as he aims to shine light on social fads that distract us from having & voicing our truthful opinions.

Timothy’s training is in highly physical dance techniques – contemporary, tap, acrobatics & improvisation as well as acting. He has had an extensive performance career touring nationally and internationally since 1997, winning 2010 Green Room Award for Best Male Dancer. Timothy gained much experience & knowledge in crafting performance work over the past 20 years working & collaborating with companies such as Force Majeure, Sydney Theatre Co, KAGE, Australian Dance Theatre, Legs on the Wall, Chunky Move, Lucy Guerin Inc, Stalker & Meryl Tankard.

A video from his residency can be found here