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Thursday 29 October

Posted by Critical Path

Applications CLOSED: Digital Artist-Curator, Critical Path

Position title:                     Digital Artist-Curator, Critical Path
Based at:                             The Drill Hall, Rushcutters Bay
Reporting to:                     Director
Rate of pay:                        $ 9,000 ($62,400 pro rata) plus superannuation
Days per week:                  1.5 days/week, 25 weeks
Starting:                              14 January to 3 July 2021

We are seeking a resourceful, positive and self-motivated practitioner to join our creative team.

Who we are
Critical Path creates spaces for independent choreographic practitioners to pursue their practice without immediate recourse to production. The core of our work is artistic research and development opportunities. CP provides perspective on practice and tools for interrogation.

From our home in Sydney we work across NSW, with national partners and contexts and internationally to provide the frameworks and inputs for dancer makers and choreographers to reflect, explore, experiment and exchange. Our programs are a catalyst for ideas and process that expand and strengthen artists’ practice and the wider sector. Critical Path nurtures diversity and excellence in a supportive critical environment.

Critical Path has as part of its next four-year vision made the creation of a Digital Drill – a new ‘place’ where digital tools and online space can be harnessed for artistic research and development – a priority. In the last 2 years CP has worked to engage with the opportunities for practice offered by digital tools and the online ‘space’. This has been focused around how a Digital Drill might create a place where research and development can happen.

We entered into this work by engaging an external consultant. We have been testing ideas that follow on from existing activities, including:

  1. Critical Dialogues digital publication, recent edition with video, sound and written content
  2. A digital residency with an Australian and an international artist (Jacob Boehme and Eddie Ladd)
  3. Talking Dance: Dance Ecologies, an artist-developed writing and conversation project
  4. A website with a range of digital content for our Interchange program:
  5. An international online exchange with partners in Taiwan

The next step is to make space for new experiences and interests in the CP team for this area of our work. We want to pilot the engagement of an Artist-Curator for our Digital Drill.

The practitioner would, within the vision of CP, curate a new project/s that take forward our engagement with artists in the digital space. The project/s would focus on Research and Development.

This can provide possibilities for artists to share their work and open up their processes through conversation, presentation and dissection of their approaches and materials. Artists are keen to use this space to research. For example, Jacob Boehme and Eddie Ladd’s 2019 residency was successful because, in part, of the areas of their practice brought to the foreground; it responded to and explored the question of climate emergency.

The Role
We want to offer this space to an artist to test.

Working closely with the Director you will initiate, develop and line-produce digital projects for artistic research and development. This is a curatorial and a delivery role, with responsibility for the line-management of projects. Also, within the small CP team you will be asked to contribute ideas and suggestions, for delivery on others’ projects, within the existing vision and program.

You will work with the director to ensure that projects meet objectives. You will contribute to strategies and plans for Critical Path including those outlined in our project and multi-year funding agreements, and any other plans that outline the key goals of the organisation.

Key Responsibilities

  • Proposing, researching and delivering artist-led and -focused research and delivery online
  • Liaising with artists, partners, and other program participants
  • Activity co-ordination – residencies, labs, workshops, public dialogues and presentations
  • Dealing with logistics such as inductions, access to spaces/software/tools, arranging logistics
  • Drafting contracts and dealing with other project paperwork such as participant forms
  • Monitoring and management of project budgets, contribute to organisation’s financial reporting
  • Communications including managing expressions of interest, stakeholder and team updates
  • Contribute to the day-to-day marketing of the organization and projects (website, e-news, press, social media etc)
  • Project monitoring, documentation and evaluation and related data capture and records

This pilot Digital Artist-Curator role and project/s is intended to lead the way for ongoing engagement in this work by artists and arts workers within Critical Path, and to help us consider areas in which the organisation can extend or revise its practice. It is also intended to act as an example of good practice within the Asia-Pacific region, connecting our artists to a wider set of opportunities, partnerships and audiences.

The pilot supports an Artist-Curator at this difficult time when many opportunities will not be available (including certain kinds of shared working and international exchange). We will employ a practitioner part-time and support them within the wider organisation.


  1. Online and related digital knowledge and experience
  2. Knowledge of the Australian (and International, particularly Asia-Pacific) choreographic sector
  3. Ability to research for online opportunities, best practice and activity (related to the aims of CP)
  4. Event/Project management is a required core skill
  5. Excellent relationship-building skills in order to create and nurture partnerships with artists, other organisations, project practitioners and partners
  6. Ability to contribute to the marketing and wider dissemination of the project and to both talk and write about the work

To apply
Please email an expression of interest:

  • Detailing your match to the Role, Key Responsibilities and Criteria
  • In no more than 500 words outline how you would approach the ‘curation’ of CP’s online Research and Development space. You may propose a specific project or projects but this is not necessary at this stage.
  • Include your CV as relevant to this role

Applications should be sent to
Claire Hicks, Director by Monday 16 November, 10am AEST.

If you have any questions please email Claire: / Critical Path office telephone 02 9362 4203