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2022-2024 Taiwan and Australia Choreography Exchange Program

Critical Path has partnered with The Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) and the Cultural Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Sydney, Australia, to co-organise the 2022-2024 Taiwan and Australia Choreography Exchange Program. This program supports artists from Sydney and Taiwan with a background in choreography or digital art.

This program offers choreographers (leveraging digital apparatus) or digital artists (leveraging choreography) the opportunity to deepen their practice, initiate collaborations, and lay foundations for future work.

Choreographic focused artists are particularly well placed to interrogate the fallout of the digital condition on the body, togetherness, and community. It is not technological breakthrough alone but the cultural innovation leveraging these new possibilities that shape the world.

Choreography is therefore advanced through this partnership by considered and playful mis-use of the tools of our time. It’s not to replace but to expand the body, to augment our reach and ability to connect, to deepen discourse through curiosity, to re-enchant digital apparatus, and to rigorously interrogate “digital” as our dominant cultural metaphor, since even a “digital future” will also be a physical one.

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Digital Enchantment Lab

Choreographic Expansion Lab

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