A woman in red top spreading her arms. Photo taken by Alex Davis during Rebecca Jensen's Experimental Choreographic Residency 2021


2022 Experimental Choreographic Research Residency


The Experimental Choreographic Research Residency (ECR) supports the development of innovative, bold and experimental approaches to choreography. Established in 2016 in partnership with Performance Space, the residency supports an artist or collaboration to spend two weeks developing their experimental choreographic practice with financial, production, technical and creative support from both organisations.

The 2022 Experimental Choreographic Research Resident is Brooke Stamp.

Brooke will work with sound designer Daniel Jenatsch and dramaturgical chaperones Brian Fuata and Sidney McMahon to develop work under the thematic – ‘The Line is a Labyrinth’.



How might a dancer intervene in the history of how we conceive the temporal assemblage of embodiment?

Brooke will explore dance’s subterranean, subconscious impetuses, trespassing into the world of spoken language and audial practice.

Her intention is to dislocate dance from its historical obligation to bodily form. Using live textural recordings of the subconscious and divergent language threads seeded in the psyche, Brooke and her collaborators will explore technology for choreography at an aural level. Layering and manipulating text to create a live audial atmosphere.



Brooke Stamp is a dance artist (b. Paramatta, 1979) working within a global matrix of peers to create work bridging fields of dance, visual arts, sound, conceptual performance, dramaturgy, writing, and curation.

Working with aesthetics of the experiential, her practice draws on the body’s capacity to augment language, lineage, and energy. Rooted in dance, her work operates characteristically in improvisation to generate live situations that shift fluidly between contexts of studio, gallery, theatre, and natural site.


Image: Brooke Stamp and Sid McMahon for REAL REAL #2 An enactment of its own poetics (2018) Photo by Rafaela Pandolfini.

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