RESEARCH ROOM Residencies (2023)


Do you need dedicated time and space to undertake a comprehensive research for your new choreographic project? Time to read, write, collate images, sounds, video footage. Time to go through and make sense of previously written notes and/or recorded materials. Brainstorm and consolidate ideas through conversations with your key collaborators (i.e. dramaturge, composer, costume designer, etc). Or, time to reflect on and write about a recently completed project and/or your wider practice?

If so, Critical Path RESEARCH ROOM Residency might be just what you need. 

Research Room Residencies are non-financial residencies designed to support project development and scholarly research by offering up to two months of office space and equipment, at the Drill. Residencies are available between 14 August and 24 November 2023, for a minimum of two weeks up to two months.

Eligible applicants are those working in a field connected to choreographic practice, and this can include not only choreographers, dancers, and movement-based artists but also video producers, sound designers, visual artists, scenographers, scholarly researchers, photographers, etc.
First Nations applicants are encouraged to apply. 

We recommend Research Room residents facilitate a sharing during their residency period, and this could be in the form of a workshop, open day dialogue with other artists, reading / writing / listening session, or any other idea you may have which could further assist your research and development.

TO APPLY – fill out this form, letting us know about your research, residency structure, and how you intend to open your process to the community.  

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: midnight AEST Sunday 16 July 2023
Successful applicants notified: Friday 28 July 2023

Any further enquiries, please contact Ira: [email protected]




“I enjoyed the space of the research room in the Drill Hall for contemplation and imagining. The 2 weeks I spent in the research room involved reading, writing, thinking, and planning in relation to the project. I synthesised more clearly than I had previously the different relations, resonances, and connections in the ideas. I also undertook specific planning and envisioning processes that set me up well for the next part of the project.” Rhiannon Newton, Research Room resident 2019

“The research room provides a ‘room of one’s own’- to read, to write, to dream, to listen, to get up to date- with myself and the world. Settled in this cosy nook by the harbour, I have been able to collect my thoughts. To think things through without interruption. To move ideas around.” Nikki Heywood, Research Room resident 2023



Deborah Kelly (2009)
Raghav Handa (Feb 2013)
Sandra Parker (2013)
Peter Lenaerts (2014)
Orfee Schuijt (Feb 2014)
Theo Clinkard (Mar 2014)
Bianca Martin (Apr 2014)
André Bern (Oct 2014)
Annalouise Paul (Nov 2014)
Hellen Sky, Mark Cauvin (Nov 2014)
Anya McKee (Apr 2015)
Chloé Déchery (Mar 2015)
Ivey Wawn (May 2015)
Rhiannon Newton (Sep 2015)
Lizzie Thomson (Apr 2016)
Ivey Wawn (Jul 2016)
Eko Supriyanto (Jan 2017)
Margie Medlin (Feb 2017)
Anna Konjetzky (Apr 2017)
Rhiannon Newton (Sep 2017)
Rhiannon Newton (Jun 2019)
Nick Power (May 2019)
Annalouise Paul (Nov 2019)
Chloé Déchery (Jan 2020)
Priya Mistry (Apr 2020)
Patricia Wood (Jan 2021)
Diane Busuttil (Feb 2021)
Nikki Heywood (June 2023)


Research Room Residencies are supported by Woollahra Municipal Council

IMAGE CREDIT: It was… by Helene G Markstein. Featuring Michael Whaites, Jacob Lehrer, David Corbet. Set design: Sarah Afflick. Photo by Jon Green.

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