Talks & Sharings

Here you can view footage of past programs and other video material relevant to what we do.


Martin Del Amo’s sharing during his 2017 Dancing Sydney Archive Project Residency.

Video by Samuel James. 

Anandavalli's Story in an Interview with Martin Del Amo

Martin del Amo’s interview with Anandavalli about the highlights of her career.

'Why is This Contemporary?' Lab

Artists Anna Kuroda, Eliam Royalness, Neda Taha and Martin del Amo in discussion.

Video by PYT Fairfield. 

Dancing the Drill

Claire Hicks in conversation with Matthew Doyle.

Dancing the Drill

Yolande Brown in conversation with Jasmin Sheppard.

Women's Work Dance Workshop and Afternoon Tea with Young Dancers

On Sunday 28 April 2019, Julie-Anne Long and Charemaine Seet facilitated a unique dance workshop and afternoon tea where senior female dance artists got to share ideas about dance, the creative process and their work with young female dancers, aged 8 to 12 years old.

Women’s Work has been supported by a Community and Cultural Grant from Woollahra Council, Create NSW and Australia Council for the Arts.

In Conversation with Lucy Guerin

KCA and Critical Path present In Conversation with Lucy Guerin.


Interviews and video of NORPA (Northern Rivers Performing Arts) and Critical Path’s two INFORM residencies.

1. Nat Cursio
2. Belloo Creative brought in Idiot Savant (Japan)

Acknowledging Country Through Soft Tone 2018

This project takes the form of an audio work for headphones, that offers an embodied practice for Acknowledging Country. It was recorded at Critical Path – a choreographic research centre located on Gadigal Land of the Eora Nation.

This project is an initiative of Critical Path, supported by Woollahra Council and Blakdance.

Text – Lizzie Thomson
Vocals and Composition – Sonya Holowell
Recording and Mixing – Melanie Herbert

Artist Advisors – Vicki Van Hout, Matthew Doyle, Tim Bishop
With thanks to Agatha Gothe-Snape, Claire Hicks, Henrietta Baird and Romy Caen